How to Freeze Produce

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Have you gone crazy stocking up during a good sale? Even if there isn’t a super sale going on, freezing produce is a great way to stretch a dollar.

Don’t shy away from reduced produce unless it shows signs of mold.  Bruised bananas can be peeled, peppers can be washed and cut.  It’s the best way to save money in a department where coupons are hard to find. (This goes the same for the meat department!).

My number one tip for freezing produce is to freeze them on a cookie sheet before in baggies.  It helps keep everything from mushing together in the freezer.


I found an great trick on Pinterest to prolong the life of berries.  We’ve been doing this for about 6 months and it really works.  When you bring your berries home, get a big bowl of cold water ready.  I know they have always said NOT to wash berries, but this trick works, I promise!

Into the bowl of water, add 1 cup of white vinegar.  Dump your berries in there for 30 seconds, then remove.  DO NOT rinse.  You can put a paper towel in the bottom of the container and return the berries, or chop to freeze.


Strawberries: Chop and freeze on cookie sheet BEFORE in baggies


These are pretty straight forward, but I would like to highlight the different ways I chop them to freeze.  It’s helpful to vary them for certain recipes.  I like to do a half cut for stuffed peppers, strips for fajitas and chopped for sauces.  Freeze them on a cookie sheet before placing them in baggies.


Green Onions

Did you know you can freeze green onions?  Chew some gum while you cut them to cut back on the tears!

I chop them up, then put them in an old coffee creamer container (another Pinterest idea!).  I can shake them out when I need them for salads, soups or potatoes!

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Clean and chop, freeze on a cookie sheet.  I like to keep some whole for certain recipes and most whole.  I don’t mind the stems, so I keep them on there when I clean.

The easiest way to clean mushrooms is to dampen a paper towel.  Since they are so absorbent, it’s not a great idea to wash them under water.

By now you get the general idea:

  • Clean
  • Slice
  • Freeze on a cookie sheet for a couple of hours
  • Store in baggies or containers

Happy shopping and freezing!

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  1. GREAT tips!!! Thanks so much 🙂 And for the record, totally went buckwild at Meijer too! Thinking I should go back again too…

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